Route Map and Itinerary

On this trip, The Rector and Chaplain will visit 70 different sites in Italy, France and Belgium. They will commemorate a total of 111 Exonians who fell during the First World War.

Below is an interactive map, showing the sites and the itinerary the Rector and Chaplain will follow.



September 1st.

  • Rector departs for Genoa.
  • Site Visit:
    Savona Memorial G.C.D.Hill

September 2nd.

  • Site Visit:
    Bordighera British Cemetery W.M.W.Scott
  • Overnight: Nice.

September 3rd.

  • TGV to Chalons-en-Champagne.
  • Chaplain joins Rector.
  • Overnight: Suippes.

September 4th.

  • Route 1:
    Suippes National Cemetery G.E.Bernheim
    Vailly British Cemetery C.Henry
    Raperie British Cemetery D.B.Bannatyne
    La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial C.B.Leechman, A.G.R.J. Smith-Sligo
    Sablonnieres New Communal J.Norwood VC
  • Overnight: Le Havre.

September 5th.

  • Route 2:
    Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre H.T. Wells
    St. Sever Cemetery Extn, Rouen H.W.Green
    Namps-au-Val British Cemetery F.A.Single
  • Overnight: Amiens.

September 6th.

  • Route 3:
    St.Pierre Cemetery, Amiens F.W.Marston
    La Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie C.M.Williams
    Harponville Communal Cemetery Extn. E.B.Lees
    Thiepval Memorial H.B.K.Allpass, V.L.S.Bedwell, R.H.Gordon, L.A.Harries-Jones, J.Mackreath, D.R.D.O’Daly, O.G.Payne, P.D.Robinson, F.G.Shirreff, E.S.C.Tulloch, J.O.Turnbull, H.Woodhead
    Warlencourt British Cemetery H.G.R.Prior
    Becourt Military Cemetery H.R.Freston
    Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becort W.H.Wyatt
    Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz L.P.Abbott
    Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval C.L.Duff-Gordon, L.W.Parry-Crooke 
  • Overnight: Bapaume.

September 7th.

  • Route 4:
    Morval British Cemetery T.C.H.Berry
    Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt C.T.Gill
    Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery V.H.Isaacs
    Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy W.A.White
    Fifteen Ravine Cemetery, Villers-Plouich O.A.Holden
    Delsaux Farm Cemetery, Beugny P.H.Broughton-Adderley
    H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust St. Mein R.H.Garrard
    Croisilles British Cemetery W.A.Barr
    Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt B.J.Tolhurst
  • Overnight: Arras.

September 8th.

  • Route 5:
    Tilloy British Cemetery C.J.Darley-Waddilove
    Agny Military Cemetery D.T.Cousins
    Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, Arras A.V. Shirley (Flying Services Memorial); A.C. Judd, T.H. King, N.H. Roberts, C. Warnington (Arras Memorial), A.B.Colthurst, R.C.Green
    Duisans British Cemetery T.Cooke
    Ligny-St. Flochel British Cemetery, Averdoingt G.G.Bellamy
    Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-St. Eloi R.Willis
    Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery V.Souchez
    Loos British Cemetery R.E.W.Maxwell, W.J.Chambers
    Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos D.H.Brown
  • Overnight: Lens.

September 9th.

  • Route 6:
    Fosse 7 Military Cemetery, Mazingarbe R.E.Harvey
    Vermelles British Cemetery M.R.Gibson, C.G.Jelf
    Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery J.C.Grant
    Bethune Town Cemetery G.Davies, R.W.R.Gramshaw
    Lapugnoy Military Cemetery L.B.Hibbs
    Busnes Communal Cemetery A.C.Foster
    Chocques Military Cemetery E.W.Marshall
    Le Touret Military Cemetery H.L.Bayfield, C.A.W.Crichton. Le Touret Memorial- T.H.Galton
    Rue Du Bois Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix R.G.Breece-Bowen
    Rue Petillon military Cemetery, Fleurbaix H.A.C.Sim
    Rue David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix F.W.Littlewood
  • Overnight: Fleurbaix

September 10th.

  • Route 7:
    Ploegsteert Memorial R.D.MacGregor
    Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extn. Nord G.C.S.Pratt
    Godewaersvelde British Cemetery B.W.Ashworth
    Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery W.S.Eames, S.A.C.Gibson
    Poperinghe New Military Cemetery A.E.Sanders
    Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery A.M.Gordon, S.A.Rodney-Ricketts, F.E.Warburton
    Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery H.Parry
    Bard Cottage A.E.K.Slingsby, H.M.Williams
    Essex Farm Cemetery A.L.Johnson
    Menin Gate R.B.Arnell,W.Bastard,W.N.L.Boyd, A.B.Hodge, A.C.Magor
  • Overnight: Ypres

September 11th:

  • Route 8:
    Ypres Resevoir Cemetery S.G.P.Cruddas, J.S.Burto
    Belgian Batter Corner E.J.Solomon
    Bedford House Cemetery C.F.Balleine
    Railway Dugouts Burial Ground E.N.Moore
    Sanctuary Wood Cemetery R.K.Stirling
    Hooge Crater Cemetery W.J.Dobson
    Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery L.C.T.Manlove
    Tyne Cot Memorial C.H.Bowman, R.Cozens-Hardy, H.H.Goodman
    Poelcapelle British Cemetery W.R.Brown
  • Overnight: Boulogne-sur-Mer

September 12th.

  • Route 9:
    Wimereux Communal Cemetery C.Lamb
    Coxyde Military Cemetery A.J.L.O’Beirne
  • Rector and Chaplain Return to UK.